“In the hazy obscurity of doobies, Quaaludes and Disco that was the late ‘70s, there rested (no doubt on a hideously upholstered couch) the upside-down trident biding its time to be released.”

Joe Baseball

The Seattle Mariners’ 2017 necromancy of the inverted trident logo has opened a Pandora’s Box of pain and terror.

The bad omen was redesigned but not all-together scrapped like it should have been by former owner, George Argyros when he took over ownership of the ball club in 1981. Argyros was aware, due to his well-known participation in the occult and public history of conjuring demonic incantations to close business deals, that the down-turned scepter of Poseidon was a bad luck charm and would someday have to be cast to the flames.

Upon acquiring the team, Argyros’ statement, “Patience is for losers,” was famously misattributed by sports journalists and fans as a promise to shape up the misfit team into a World Series contender; when in fact it was simply an early declaration to rid the team of the trident as quickly as possible. However, in secret, this was no…

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